About me

My background

I was born 36 years ago in Hasselt, Limburg, Belgium. In the middle of the green province of Flanders, in a family with three children. My parents were both teachers, but passionate autodidacts in other fields. After highschool I studied Sales Engineer together with my good friend Marc in Leuven. Nice time, we had a lot of fun obtaining this diploma. Then I changed direction and went to the conservatory to become a musician. After a few years I became active in the classical music scene as a cellist in orchestras and chamber music groups. Discovering new horizons became a red line throughout my life, and I explored other music styles, travelled to South America, Asia, organized two cello congresses, started collaborations with other disciplines, most recently with contemporary dance. Organizing concerts, developing new combinations, using my phantasy is a daily activity next to playing cello and writing.


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