Brussels Chamber Orchestra

Stijn Kuppens was co-Principal Cellist, Artistic co-Director and co-Manager in the Brussels Chamber Orchestra from January 2007 untill February 2010.

In December 2006 I was invited by Mario Villuendas, one of the founders of the Brussels Chamber Orchestra, to join the Brussels Chamber Orchestra. I accepted with much pleasure and honour his proposition to share with him the position of cello-leader and artistic director. After working together for three years I left the orchestra in February 2010. I look back on a very intense management period and a successfull concert agenda. A short overview of the main achievements:

  • 68 concerts in 5 different countries (2007: 13; 2008: 27; 2009 30)
  • a new logo for the Brussels Chamber Orchestra
  • a professional visit card
  • a professional three language website, with some 15 pages for each language
  • an interactive, dynamic member website, for internal communication
  • a professional brochure with hand written and translated statements of all major soloists and festival directors with whom the Brussels Chamber Orchestra collaborated since March 2007
  • a name for the concerts series of the Brussesl Chamber Orchestra at the Brussels Royal Conservatory: BCO@Conservatory
  • an internal organisation within the Brussels Chamber Orchestra where members take responsibility for one or more tasks
  • the creation of an electronic mailing list, with the possibility to subscribe at any time throughout the website
  • a series of yoga sessions, in which the orchestra participated together, coached by a professional dances and yoga teacher
  • the definition of a fixed member group in the orchestra
  • the creation of the American based Music Festival, Cross Currents Music and Arts Festival together with Neil Leiter and Carrie Knowles

the Brussels Chamber Orchestra participated in the following international music festivals:

  • Pietrasanta in Concerto 2007 (Artistic director: Michael Guttman)*
  • Pietrasanta in Concerto 2008 (Artistic director: Michael Guttman)*
  • Pietrasanta in Concerto 2009 (Artistic director: Michael Guttman)*
  • Brussels Summer Festival 2007
  • International Oboe Congress 2007
  • Residentieconcerten Paterspand Turnhout 2008
  • Cross Currents Chamber Music Festival 2008 (Artistic director & founder: Brussels Chamber Orchestra)*
  • Cross Currents Chamber Music Festival 2009 (Artistic director & founder: Brussels Chamber Orchestra)*
  • Music Festival of the Hamptons 2008 (Artistic director: Michael Guttman)*
  • Music Festival of the Hamptons 2009 (Artistic director: Michael Guttman)*
  • Egersund Chamber Music Festival 2008 (Artistic director: Ingrid Geuens)*
  • Egersund Chamber Music Festival 2009 (Artistic director: Ingrid Geuens)*
  • Festival van Vlaanderen 2009
  • Tuscan Sun Festival Cortona 2009 (Artistic director: Barrett Wissman)
  • Norsk orgelfestival Stavanger 2009 (Artistic director: Kolbein Haga)

* orchestra in residence