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Cello Teaching

Find out everything about my Cello Teaching Activities on my Cello Class Website.

Other teaching activities

In the past I was teaching mathematics to first year students at univerity, I gave harmony lessons and music history in a music academy, and private dutch language lessons. At this moment my teaching activity concerns music, and especially cello playing. Sharing music with an audience is fundamental for a musician but I need also to share my musical experiences through teaching. The opportunity to work with children, youngsters and adults of all ages is very enriching in a humanitarian point of view. Music is contact and communication with yourself and with others. Helping somebody to develop this language with no words is a particular way to go. Another project that gave me a lot of satisfaction was a series of lectures in a library to explore for the public the CD-collection in the form of 90 minutes presentations. Very different were the 58 cello introductions I gave in primary schools in 2003! Two thousand five hundred children aged between 6 and 11 listened in groups of more or less 25 listened to the prelude of the Second Suite of Bach... An amazing experience!


My cello class from the Académie de Forest (2004-2005)


Speaking about music, developing a lecture, giving an introduction to a concert are part of my vision of being a musician.