Alternative projects

I don't play exclusively classical music and like to work on cross-over projects or projects with jazz music, world music, or pop music. Below you can find some examples .

Towards the Flame - Pop

Some years ago I was asked by Erik Pirotte to participate in his new project "All at sea". I'm very happy now that I said "yes!" at that time. The musical adventure with the group Towards the Flame was for me an unforgettable experience. I'm looking forward to play again, and to continue to work with Erik on his project. He is an amazing musician, it's an honour to work with him.

see his myspace

Pierre Anckaert - Jazz

In 2009 and 2010 I had the opportunity to work with jazz pianist Pierre Anckaert, through whom I've met some other amazing musicians: Stefan Bracaval, flutes - Guy Nikkels, guitars - Hendrik Vanattenhoven, double bass - Mimi Verderame, drums. They are all great and passionate musicians who give everything when they play. We've worked together in orchestra formation and in chamber music formation.

 Pablo Villuendas - Blues

Pablo Villuendas is a Spanish musician who composed a marvellous "blues" symphony for strings in four movements with an extraordinary variety of styles. You can discover this interesting piece in a version by the Brussels Chamber Orchestra.

Clouseau, Rob de Nijs - Pop

Occasionally I do studio recordings, live shows or television shows with string sections organised by violinist Mark Steylaerts.

Alec Ilyine - Free Impro

The first meeting with guitarist Alec Ilyine produced an interesting dialogue between a cello and an electrical guitar.