Violoncello 2004 & Violoncello 2005

Why organizing a cello festival in Brussels? A valid question. But I can give many answers. First of all, I wanted bring together everyone that was involved somehow with the cello at that moment in Brussels. Meeting other cellists is always interesting, and creating a platform where they can exchange experiences is an ideal environment for this to happen. But what could I offer them more? For the professional cellists I decided to focus on the physical side of cello playing, by organising yoga, euthonie and Alexander technique initiations. For the amateurs, I thought of organizing ensemble workshops. And it happened thanks to a huge respons of so many people! The final concert with the cello orchestra was fantastic. Already some months after Violoncello 2004 I decided to create a sequel, but this time in another format: a forum on the repertory for cello solo, a cello orchestra that would start rehearsing one month before the event, and all of this to raise money for Doctors without Borders. Combining cultural initiatives with humanitarian actions or organisations is a very valid choice, I believe. The respons was huge: I received more than 100 new compositions for cello solo, and there were cellists from many countries that came to play. I think of my friends Frantisek, Katerina, Olga & Vadim, Dominique, Noid, Nina, Kumi and so many others.This experience was really great, I often think back at this weekend and of all the nice people I met. I wonder how they're doing? Sometimes I come across concert announcements of them, which gives me great joy. Since then I've been working on other projects, but the inspiration for a new session of Violoncello is growing and growing... Who knows what will happen next time?

If you would like to find out more of the past editions, please check out the website there is a lot of information, as well as photos, etc...

Violoncello 2004 - Cello orchestra